Blood clots are related to covid-19 deaths

The number of sick and dead from the new coronavirus is worrying doctors around the world. There are professionals discovering that the virus is much more complex than initially imagined.

One of the most worrying complications is the unusual formation of blood clots in many patients, even those who were receiving anticoagulants.

Experts say the disease can affect not only patients’ respiratory systems, but several other organs, such as the liver, kidneys, intestines, heart and brain. These clots can reach organs such as the lung, heart or brain, and cause heart attacks or strokes with fatal consequences.

Last week, doctors at the Mount Sinai hospital chain in New York released studies suggesting that clots, especially in the lungs, play an important role in the most severe cases of covid-19. The experts also revealed that they may be related to the incidence of strokes in young patients infected with the coronavirus.

An analysis of 183 virus patients by Chinese scientists revealed that 71% of those who died had clots. In the Netherlands, a study of 184 ICU patients revealed that a third of them also had clots.

In the United States, the main epicenter of the pandemic, where the coronavirus has already infected more than 1 million people and left more than 60,000 dead, many doctors already place clots among the main causes of death in patients with covid-19, behind the syndrome severe acute respiratory disease.

Blood clots are related to covid-19 deaths

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