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VIDEO: Winery founded in 1979 is destroyed after fire in California

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The famous Chateau Boswell winery in California was destroyed during a forest fire on Sunday night (27). Founded in 1979, the property hit by the fire is family owned and the area received mandatory evacuation orders after the flames started. Now, the fear is that the fire will hit two other wineries in the region.

The fire started in a forest near the winery and moved on to a larger area, located along the Silveredo trail in Napa Valley. The stone castle, which is inside the property, was engulfed in fire.

According to a local website, Chateau Boswell is known as one of the few privately owned and family owned wineries in Napa Valley. Local reporter Amy Hollyfield recorded the moment when the castle is completely charred, while nearby trees still burn, and posted the video to her Twitter account.

A pousada, also well known by those who frequent the region, was another property completely destroyed by fire. As reported by CNN, ex-owner Jeff Orlik said he had sold the place two years ago and new managers were still undergoing renovations to reopen the place.

During that week, three other wineries in the region are threatened by the fire of two other fires that were recorded on Sunday night. The flames forced thousands of residents and workers in the region to evacuate the areas, including the Reverie Winery, Viader Winery and Davis Estates wineries, according to broadcaster KPIX.

Photo shows before and after Chateau Boswell. (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

(With information from CNN Internacional)

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