Wanna learn Portuguese language or are you learning Portuguese already and want to improve your language skills faster? Try a free online or an in-person Portuguese language courses is the best way to learn Portuguese and improve your proficiency in no time.

In this post, we bring you 22 options of free courses for you to learn or improve your Portuguese, both European and Brazilian dialects. There are courses for almost all the levels of proficiency (even for those who still wonder what language is spoken in Brazil, for instance) so you can find the best way for you to learn Portuguese. Enjoy!

Best way to learn Portuguese online for free

Learn portuguese for cheap

Here are the options for free Portuguese language lessons and resources online. There are 16 free quality courses for you to learn online. Just to choose the level you want to start and go!

Brazilian Portuguese lessons for beginners

Brazilian portuguese lessons for beginners

1. PortuguesePod101

PortuguesePod101 has very innovative approach to the Portuguese learning process. Teaching ins done through a series of episodes and each one comes with a PDF file with the dialog, so you can follow it along while listening.

2. BrazilianPodClass

Want a more in-depth look on the Brazilian Portuguese language structure? Then checkout BrazilianPodClass, an amazing podcast that try to covers all the major grammar questions students might have during their learning process.

3. Semantica

Semantica uses video to teach students Portuguese. The episodes are created to work like a TV show and each one of them tells a story with language situations and explanations that effortlessly blend into the story. It’s really fun.

4. Duolingo

Duolingo is a well-know platform that uses flash cards and gamification to learn new languages. Portuguese language is also on the platform and it is perfect for beginners.

5. italki

As you might see later, italk has also resources for European Portuguese, but it is a solid way to learn Brazilian Portuguese too. You might have to pay for additional features, but it’s worth it.

European Portuguese lessons for beginners

European portuguese lessons for beginners

6. Memrise

Memrise has lots of free courses for European Portuguese and it’s one of the best ways to learn Portuguese for beginners.

7. RTP Zigzag

Zigzag is a section of the Portugal’s public broadcasting networking (RTP) focused on educational content. The videos are short and cover a variety of things such as history, geography and lots of fun facts.

8. italki (European Portuguese)

italki it’s a great way to learn Portuguese by speaking to natives. European Portuguese might be difficult for some learners, but this website can help.

9. Learn Portuguese with Rafa

Learn Portuguese with Rafa is a website focused on beginners. It also highlights some key differences between European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese (and there are many!).

Intermediate Portuguese lessons (European and Brazilian Portuguese)

Intermediate portuguese lessons for all dialects

10. Practice Portuguese

Do you think you have an intermediate Portuguese level but still have problems with listening comprehension? Practice Portuguese is the best way to improve this skill.

11. NHK World Radio Japão

I know, right? How a radio from Japan will help me learn Portuguese? Well, you’d be surprised to know that Japan has one of the biggest comnunities of Brazilians outside Brazil. And NHK World Radio Japão only broadcasts in Portuguese so you can practice your listening skills.

12. Português no Mundo

Português no Mundo is a free podcast about something you might also be interesting as a learner of a new language: traveling. The podcast is really fun and a great way to improve your listening while you’re on the go.

13. Cinem(ação)

Who doesn’t like movies, right? So why not improve your Portuguese Language while also learning about Brazilian Cinema as well? Cinem(ação) is a great way to do so.

14. VisioKids

VisioKids can be good way to improve your listening comprehension while learning interesting facts about Science and Nature (specially for kids).

15. Recontando

Recontando is a funny news website from Brazil specially made for children. The language used to tell the stories are simplified and it might be useful for those on the intermediate level.

16. Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua (Instituto Camões)

The Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua (Language and Cooperation Institute) is an initiative from the Government of Portugal that is a real treasure for Portuguese Learners. That are plenty of books for free to help you improve your language and learn more about Portuguese history and literature.

Advanced Portuguese lessons

Advanced portuguese lessons for all dialects

17. CBTV Now

CBTV Now it’s a free TV channel from Brazil intended to Brazilians living abroad. It has shows about Brazilian culture and lifestyle and is recommended for advanced learners improve even more their level of proficiency.

18. Conta-me Tudo

Conta-me Tudo (Tell Me Everything) brings funny amazing stories and also deep discussions that require advanced Portuguese to be understood.

20. Universidade Regional de Blumenau (FURB)

The Universidade Regional de Blumenau (Regional University of Blumenau) is a Brazilian university that offers a free Portuguese Language online course – it even gives the students a certificate!

In-person Portuguese classes for free

in-person portuguese classes

Thinking about moving abroad to learn Portuguese? Well, you might even do it for free! Here are some Portuguese Language classes for free:

21. Português para Estrangeiros da USP

The University of São Paulo (USP) has a program called Projeto Redigir, geared towards foreigners interested in learning Portuguese. The course is completely free and is given by the university students and professors once a week.

22. Português para Estrangeiros da UFSCar

UFSCar’s (Federal University of São Carlos) Language Institute has a discipline where the students from the Language Degree course can teach Portuguese as a foreign language and foreigners can have a chance to learn the idiom.

Now you can’t use money as an excuse for not start learning Portuguese. Choose the best way to learn portuguese for your time and schedule and have fun!

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